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Our Goals

Simplicity and genuineness, without ever losing sight of the importance of nutrition, are among our main objectives. A mix of taste and well-being that allows an adequate and accurate assessment of calories intake.
For this purpose in every single dish the total weight and the amount of macronutrients will be highlighted content : Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats.
In addition, MedEATrraneo offers a constantly evolving menu to offer only foods that were controlled and in line with the Mediterranean Diet in our area. Using mainly the seasonality according to the Italian Culinary Art, simple and essential.
In fact, critical to the preparation of each dish is the freshness of the raw material: the recipes do not start in the kitchen, but at the time of the purchase of the ingredients when you have to be able to recognize the freshness of the product.
In fact the quality of ingredients guarantees by itself at least half of the success of a recipe.

The Name

Why MedEATerraneo?
Choosing this name is not random.
It comes from serious consideration done before deciding and choosing.
First, the sea is just a few meters from the restaurant.
We don’t face the Mediterranean sea, but it doesn’t matter because the name suggest brightness, serenity, in a few words, life.
Then the thought of the Mediterranean Diet as a key element of the project meant that the search was over.

Da Ristorante MedEaterraneo c'è una sola regina: La Bruschetta. #cucinasana #gustoitaliano

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