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Local Products

Quality first

Quality meat

All our meat comes from trusted farms, tanks to inspections and healthy habits of the farmer by virtue of their professionalism, we guarantee the quality of the animals and their meat. The selection process is rigorous and the high quality of the product allows the preparation of original and appetizing dishes, preserving their lightness. As far as possible we use Purebred Marchigiana Meat ( with IGP 5R Mark) witch is one of five breeds awarded in Italy and internationally recognized.

Fresh Fish

In front of MedEATerraneo Restaurant within a few meters, there is the sea, the Adriatic sea. “Wild” as a poet Gabriele D’Annunzio said in a famous poem that children learn when they go to school. The fish comes from there and it is brought by the fishermen directly to the restaurant after the morning fishing. When this is not possible, we buy at the fish market, which is also within walking distance. The fish of the Adriatic, always fresh, bright in colour and sometimes even alive, especially for seafood and the like. It sometimes happens that this is not possible. Then we buy from wholesalers, though they are not able to give us a product coming from the Adriatic sea, the Mediterranean sea or countries surrounding it.

Genuine Vegetables

Vegetables are a synonym of health and well-being. The consumption of vegetables is not only a pleasure but it is also a real need for our body because of the very high content of vitamins, fiber and minerals. It is, therefore, important to limit your intake of fertilizers and chemicals. MedEATerraneo cares about this and chooses only fresh vegetables grow locally and, of course, of a high quality.

Wine and Beverages

Even in the choice of wine, we pay particular attention to our product because wine complements our diet. Therefore we pay attention to its genuineness. We don’t disdain the locally produced wine, because we know that our wine growers take great care of their vineyards, with love, professionality and also ambition, because their aim is to be the best, and our local wines can now compete with other wines, including the most prestigious names both nationally and internationally.

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