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Quality is served on the seashore Civitanova Marche

Civitanova Marche

In Civitanova Marche, a small town on the coast with the sea on the East side, and the river on the North side and framed on the West side by the chain of the Sibillini mountains. “MedEATerraneo” Pizzeria Restaurant, its name already anticipates its program... And makes us dream of the colours and the perfume of our land. The blue of the sea and the sky, the green of the nature and of the Mediterranean, and the aroma of the herbs.

Ristorante MedEATerraneo, Viale Sergio Piermanni 7/9, 62012 - Civitanova Marche

Tel. e Fax: 0733 774117

Closed Wednesday
Opening 12:30 - 14:30 e 20:00 - 22:30


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